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Faucets dropship with faucetol:

Want to dropship with us?

We have the most styles of faucets and own factory.Besides, OEM Service,Design Service and Buyer Label Service all can be offered.
For a long time, we are specializing in providing drop shippers, wholesalers and bulk buyers of all kinds with professional service and hundreds of
faucets at lowest possible prices.

Grouping Prices and VIP memberships cut out for business of different sizes respectively, and experienced account manager at your service 7*24
hours are also our advantage.

 faucet drop shipping

The largest exporter in china.
Five years of experience of export in the field of Sanitary ware products!A company verified by the Government of United Kingdom!
Quality assurance, The large supply, Ultra low price!,the Member of DealEbay,It is the biggest online shopping websites for Plumbing Products.FaucetOL can provide a wide variety of faucets to the customers who come from anywhere of the world.FaucetOL also provides Faucet OEM / Faucet ODM services.

Drop shipping solution :

Perfect if you want to start your own business without any extra energy or human resources, We will update our quotation sheet regularly and keep adding the latest style faucet information that you can start selling immediately.

Please download the Quaotation files for faucets:

1. Click here to download the file:2018 Faucet Quaotation

2. Click here to download the file:2018 Antique Faucet Quaotation


If you have order need to drop-shipping, Here is the process:
1. Tell us The product information
Case ①:The faucet that your customers need to purchase is on our website,
Then you only need to send the product's sku number to us  by email or just place the order on like a customer,
In the checkout page, please enter your customer's delivery address, and we will give you a discount code so that you can place the order at the wholesale price.Finally, you tell us your order number by email.
Case ②:The faucet that your customers need to purchase is not on our website,
Then you need to send a product's image and parameters to us by email.Please note: almost any faucet, we can supply the source to you, because we are in the global faucet production base.
2. Tell us the Customer address information, and specify the mode of shipping
We will deliver goods to your customers according to the address you provide.The goods will be sent by China's warehouse.
The mode of shipping:
①by the post (shipping time is 7-15 days), 
This mode of shipping is only applicable to products under 2kg weight.
②by DHL,ups,fedex (shipping time 3-7 days),
This expensive freight charges is applicable to to such an order that is urgent and the customer is not sensitive to expensive freight charges.
③by Maritime transport,(shipping time 25-35 days),
If your order is large, please choose this mode of transportation, which can greatly save your freight.

According to our experience:
If the volume of the faucets is 2.4 m³, then choose the LCL (Less Than Container Load) shippment, the freight is 270 USD.
If the volume of the faucets is 28 m³, then choose the whole container (30m³) for shipment, and the freight is 1700 USD, you can imagine how many faucet can be placed in one container.

3.You need to pay to us:
Factory's Price of product + Freight
We support two modes of payment : paypal and Bank card transfer
Our paypal account :
For example, 
you have a customer he need to buy this faucet:
Retail price:39.9 USD
Factory's Price of product:19.9 USD
Shipping Weight :1.3 kg 
Freight:21.8 USD (by the post 7-15 days),or 24.8 USD (by DHL,ups,fedex,3-7 days)
If your customer choose the shipping mode 7-15 days, You just neet to pay to us :19.9+21.8=41.7 USD
If your customer choose the shipping mode 3-7 days,  You just neet to pay to us :19.9+24.8=44.7 USD
If you have executed the payment, you can tell us the relevant information by email.
After confirming the receipt of your payment, we will deliver the faucet directly to your customers, according to the address and product information you provide.
you can also ask us for the discount code, and then you can go directly to our website and place your order, and then fill in your customer's address, like this:
Checkout page:
faucet drop-shipping faucet wholesale
After applying the discount code:

faucet drop-shipping faucet wholesale


Ps.We temporarily use the email to complete the drop-shipping, we will develop the software system to complete the drop-shipping in the future.
Best regard!
18 march 2018

The products' details which come from

1:The raw material of Faucetol is the best A grade brass whose copper content is higher than 60%. This material will sterilize to ensure our water safer.

The products' details which come from 1

2:All the water taps from Faucetol are made by Gravity Casting, then be fineshed by fine machining. 
By this way, the products will own high density and strong resistance to pressure.It is very import for high quality faucet.

The products' details which come from 2

3: Using authentic materials is our business principle. All of our products have weight.

The products' details which come from 3

4:The surface of Faucetol's products are plated with thickened material. 
Through making the acid-base property Salt Spray Test as long as 48 hours, our products get the ratification of international standard.
After long time being used, our products still looks like the new one.

The products' details which come from 4

5:Faucetol use superior erosion wear resistance ceramic cartridge. In general, with this ceramic cartridge, the products will work well more than 10 years.

The products' details which come from 5

6:The outlet of shower rose is made by high quality silicone material which is more environmental,anti-blocking and easier to clean.
Just pressing the button, you can clean the shower rose thoroughly. It is very convenient for people.

The products' details which come from 6

7:For the packaging, we have professional workers and good packing material to make sure the products can reach destination safely.

The products' details which come from 7


About the Production process

1: Brass material: 
Choosing national standard eco-friendly solid brass for main material.

About our Production process 1

2: CNC Machining:
The best advanced CNC machines combines all the processes of the machining by the computer makes the dimension more accurate and the surface more bright.

3: Polishing: the double double polishing
Skilled workers treat the polishing process using difference sand and cotton wheels step by step which lead a very smooth and exquisite surface.

About our Production process  2

4: Chrome plating:
Middle level quality: Nickel 3-5um, chrome:0.1-0.2um
Can be higher level: Nickel 5-12um, chrome: 0.2-0.5um
5: Accessories:
Aerator:sparkling & Anti splash 30% water saving
Ceramic: 5000,000 times no leak 5 years guarantee.

About our Production process  3

6: Assembly:
Meticulously build; Quality assurance;Exquisite skills.
7: Test:
Salty spray test;Acid salt spray test;Chrome thickness test;Beat-pounded test;Leaking test.

About our Production process  4


The strict test flow about faucets from

As we all know, test is very important for high quality products. This process have a great influence on customer's use.

From the last blog, we know there are many kinds of tests to make high quality product. Today, I will show you our detailed test flow.

1: We promise that we all metals, plastic materials to do 48 hours of salt spray test. 
Checking cladding material with salt test machine, the test pass at least 48 hours later, then it is qualified.

The strict test flow about faucets from Chian factory

2: Spectral test to the raw material. Through this test, we can detect the element of the raw material. It is very important for the quality of product.

The strict test flow about faucets from Chian factory 2

3: Professional dimension test on the faucet.

The strict test flow about faucets from Chian factory 3

4: Professional Chrome thickness test. By this way, the faucets will work well at least 5 years.

The strict test flow about faucets from Chian factory 4

5: Beat-pounded test

The strict test flow about faucets from Chian factory 5

6: Leaking test

The strict test flow about faucets from Chian factory 6


The faucets from are sold to all over the world. There are many customers who come from American, France,Canada, Europe and so on. 

If there is any problem or need, pls contact with us by

China faucet factory welcome to have cooperation with you.