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Hot Plumbing Products

Just 30 dollar !!! Take brand new Kolo 100% copper basin mixer back home

Kolo flagship store launches a new type of basin mixer with magic price. This all-copper basin mixer which was 536 RMB now is on big sale just for 30 dollar !!!

Supor 304 unleaded and stainless kitchen faucet stands out for material

Supor Kitchen Faucet adopts stainless and unleaded natural material—SUS304 which is reputed as the food grade material.

Kolo N Single Hole Basin Mixer —Monitor of your Healthy Life

Kolo N Single Hole Basin Mixer adopts refined copper and lead as major component to ensure flowing water unpolluted. The round parabola and elegant line release a sense of composed magnificence.

About the Production process of faucet

The strict test flow about faucets from Faucetol.com

The strict test flow about faucets

New arrivals Faucets

New arrivals Faucets on FaucetOL.com

October: Four New designs bathroom shower faucets on line

2016 October: Four New designs bathroom shower faucets on line

How to Choose a Bathroom Sink Faucet-2015 latest guiding

How to Choose a Bathroom Sink Faucet-2015 latest guiding

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

This is very useful, on how to buy a kitchen faucet

2016, we bring you a innovation design shower faucet !

2016 new!! Free your hands!!! World premiere,KOLO hydro power Shower Faucets,Luxury Brass Shower Faucet,Mixer Shower Faucet,High Tech Adjustable with LCD Screen. 

China faucet factory show

You're looking for a suitable faucet factory? Just choose us, it is absolutely a right choice. Because we have a huge faucet capacity, good faucet quality and We support the customer who want to customize the Faucet ! 

Zero-Lead Faucet,The Security Guard of your kitchen

Characterized by the unique nozzle structure and refined copper, Chaoyang sanitary ware is bombing. K172A kitchen faucet, as one of the outstanding representatives, manifests itself before the public in streamline style and with advanced technology used for water purification. 

Rosy Bathroom,The Flamboyant royal palace

Famous for its romantic flavor, the renowned bathroom brand Rose Island provides us with a brand new bathroom named “RosyQueen” inspired by the legends of Josephine Queen, who has been reputed by the French people for her extraordinary appearance, elegant behaviors and outstanding intelligence. Such goddess spirit has been irritated upon even every detail of the bathroom. Nobody will never fall in love with this dignified bathroom at the first sight.

The Classic Show Flat of Yi Lai Sanitary Wares,The Simpler, The Better;The More Comfortable, The More Classic

 Tranquil rural night is more attracting after a long time in flamboyant cities;Home cooking is more palatable after wolfing down delicacies.Our house is no exception.Among various design styles for houses, the simple and natural one becomes more prevalent. Now we will roll out a new product of Yi Lai Sanitary Wares—— The Classic Show Flat.     

 Inspired by the concise design perception,the designers render the spacial fluency and vintage glamour by sketching the basic contours in white, black and gray. A perfect sanitary ware full of fluency and artistry will be presented to the public when natural light is distinctively shed over the bare wall and the new product.The following introduction and exposition will be focused on the outstanding products of the classic series.

KOLO Margaret bathroom cabinet represents what the real elegant life should be

 Instead of repeated use of straight lines, curves added with the classic black infused into your design may bring you a big surprise, which embodies a more noble and richer image. It’s the KOLO Magaret BF6028 cabinet in the combination of European style and contemporary taste on cabinets that plays a graceful life concerto.

KOLO 99132EC shower head suit

KOLO 99132EC shower head suit is especially characterized by its large-size and thin material. On the one hand, it coincides with the contemporary urban trend that people prefer to appreciate great visual effect. On the other hand, the spray style also remains prominent. Customers who are using air spraying exclusively adopted by KOLO 99132EC shower head could feel like enjoying SPA massage.

How to purchase an admirable faucet aerator?

When selecting an admirable faucet, consumers pay more attention to two points: the weight and the amount of yielding water, which are usually regarded as the most intuitive and effective purchasing benchmark. KOLO faucet aerator presents as the model of this field.

30% water-saving rate,only found in KOLO Kitchen Faucet

KOLO 7899 kitchen faucet is reputed for its exquisite workmanship. The imported refined lead equipment from America ensures its security to reach the corresponding standard. Speaking of water saving, its effect has climbed to the national peak making a great contribution to reducing water usage. Although KOLO faucet is a little more expensive than ordinary faucets, it’s both the good reputation of the international major brand and high efficiency of water-saving to cut fee that features good value for money.

Bathroom Cabinet in Mediterranean Style —— Your Solid Choice

Featured by the size between 0.8 m- 1.2 m, this KOLO JY-8007 stainless bathroom cabinet in Mediterranean Style can be chosen catering to your taste and preference.