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Introduction of Faucetol.com

Who we are ? What is our goal? We are able to provide professional faucet service?

  The products with high quality is designed for beauty life. It expresses a kind of rational spirit for an era and an enterprise.

  As for an b2c global e-Commerce website, we totally know it. Since Faucetol.com being built these years, it's never change its design and production philosophy "High quality product should be embedded in life and high quality life should embody good taste"

  Through several years' hard work, faucetol.com has professional technical design, scientific,rigorous and perfect management system. Fauctol.com will provide unusual experience for the people who chase the high quality life with its products and service.

  Fauctol.com makes a strict criterion for the products. The European Standard (EN), Academia constiintei de sine(ACS France),Water Regulations Advisory Scheme(WRAS United Kingdom), the American Standard(CUPC)have made detailed test for Faucetol.com's products, and all the products are approved.

  Besides,Faucetol.com also get the Chinese water-saving product certification and Chinese green technology sanitary ware brand products Certificate.

  With the insistence for high quality, Faucetol.com has customers who come from all over the world.

the factory of Faucetol.com in China

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