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About the Production process of faucet

About the Production process

1: Brass material:
Choosing national standard eco-friendly solid brass for main material.

About our Production process 1

2: CNC Machining:
The best advanced CNC machines combines all the processes of the machining by the computer makes the dimension more accurate and the surface more bright.

3: Polishing: the double double polishing
Skilled workers treat the polishing process using difference sand and cotton wheels step by step which lead a very smooth and exquisite surface.

About our Production process  2

4: Chrome plating:
Middle level quality: Nickel 3-5um, chrome:0.1-0.2um
Can be higher level: Nickel 5-12um, chrome: 0.2-0.5um
5: Accessories:
Aerator:sparkling & Anti splash 30% water saving
Ceramic: 5000,000 times no leak 5 years guarantee.

About our Production process  3

6: Assembly:
Meticulously build; Quality assurance;Exquisite skills.
7: Test:
Salty spray test;Acid salt spray test;Chrome thickness test;Beat-pounded test;Leaking test.

About our Production process  4

The faucets from Faucetol.com are sold to all over the world. There are many customers who come from American, France,Canada, Europe and so on. 

Besides, we offer OEM Service,   Design Service,   Buyer Label Service.  

If there is any problem or need, pls contact with us

by email: china.coolceo@gmail.com

China faucet factory welcome to have cooperation with you.

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