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KOLO Faucet : a close contact with real nature

KOLO Faucet is inspired by the American classic lamp.The natural combination of lampshade arc and faucet configuration refresh our life. From the body to the handle, faucet follows the bottom-up narrowing trend to water outlet. It’s featured by smooth lining to reveal classic charm. [...]

Supor stainless and unleaded sink faucet provides you with all-round care

Supor 304 stainless and unleaded rotatable sink faucet steps into its attractive promotion period. Original price of 899 RMB will be refreshed by 149 RMB as the bottom price shipped for free. [...]

Just 30 dollar !!! Take brand new Kolo 100% copper basin mixer back home

Kolo flagship store launches a new type of basin mixer with magic price. This all-copper basin mixer which was 536 RMB now is on big sale just for 30 dollar !!! [...]

Supor 304 unleaded and stainless kitchen faucet stands out for material

Supor Kitchen Faucet adopts stainless and unleaded natural material—SUS304 which is reputed as the food grade material.[...]

Kolo N Single Hole Basin Mixer —Monitor of your Healthy Life

Kolo N Single Hole Basin Mixer adopts refined copper and lead as major component to ensure flowing water unpolluted. The round parabola and elegant line release a sense of composed magnificence.[...]

why choose Faucetol?

Best faucets with lowest price.[...]

No taxes on faucetol.com?

No faucet taxes on faucetol[...]

Can Faucetol.com ship to anywhere all over the world?

Our ability to handle the faucet orders, we provide you with several transport services[...]

Introduction of Faucetol.com

Who we are ? What is our goal? We are able to provide professional faucet service?[...]

The products' details which come from Faucetol.com

We show you all the details of the tap so that our customers have confidence in our products.[...]

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